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New Homepage

Under new leadership, we had a contest to update the homepage design. It was a challenging exercise, and I was excited to participate. I'd wanted to find a way to shift our narrative from talking about ourselves as an institution to talking about the customer, to make our users the hero of the story. My design was selected from about 20 entries, and with my design partner, we worked with stakeholders to refine and update our design.  The new design created a substantial increase in conversion. We divided it into 3 sections. The top section was dedicated to products. We found in usability testing that some users came to the homepage with a clear goal in mind, so they wanted to get to a product quickly. The 3 tiles for products increased conversion significantly.  The middle section of the page was for users who were less sure about which product was right for them. We plan to develop this section more in the future to provide a good experience for users to expl

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